Foodie Friday: Pinch of Yum!

June 28, 2019

Welcome to Foodie Friday! 

It's summer and that means picnics, outdoor parties, camping and really just any reason to leave the inside and head outdoors.

We spend as much time as possible in the water during the summer and something about the water and sun makes me want to eat everything in site. 

Our favorite thing to do is to pack a big picnic lunch and spend the day on Lake Norman just eating, playing and relaxing.

It is a beautiful thing!

I found this recipe courtesy of Pinch of Yum a food blog with simple and tasty recipes 

Best Easy Italian Pasta Salad

You can customize pasta salad to your families likings
you can add things like 
Mozzarella Cheese
Grilled Chicken
Cubed Cheese 
Pepperoni or Salami

This Pasta Salad is simple and perfect for the picnic basket and light enough that you don't feel stuffed.

So, let's get out and enjoy summer even if you just go to your back porch, enjoy the journey and this pasta salad.

What do you like to put in your pasta salad to make it your way?

Happy Summer Ya'll!

*Links and photos used with permission from Pinch of Yum*

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