How to hang a picture!- Like you may have never know before!

May 31, 2019

Hey Ya'll! I am about 7 days away from the end of another fabulous school year coming to an end. I can do it, I can do it! I am 51 years old and this hack literally took my breath away. Now I know I am writing a blog post about how to hang a picture. I'm sure some of you are rolling your eyes at the thought of it. If you aleady knew this save the negative comments, cause basically I don't need or want them. So, now that you know my motive, here we go.

I got the prettiest picture of flowers for my half bath located in the foyer but it has those little "V"

type hangers on the back. I have never been able to get those hung straight. I did a little google search

 for a tip(my life recently involves a lot of googling)on hanging the picture and this is what I saw.

Easy picture hanging hack

My picture taking skills make this picture look crooked but it's not, It's just me taking the picture sideways.

This is my picture that I wanted to hang in my bathroom but really wanted it straight.

My bathroom has just been painted and I didn't want to make random holes in the walls.

Easy picture hanging hack.

Get some painters tape and flip you picture over.

Put the tape along the edge where the hanging hardware is. Mark a spot on the tape where the nail needs to go.

Remove the tape from the back of the picture an place the tape on the wall.

Run a level along the tape line to be sure it is even. 

Take your nails and just start the holes you marked on the tape.

Remove the tape and continue nailing nails to hang the picture

Hang and enjoy.

I know it should be so simple to hang a picture but really you have no idea how many time I have screwed this up. 

What hacks can you share with me? 

Cause this one right here will be a game changer in the picture hanging world.

Thanks for stopping by!

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