Happy National Cheeseball Day!-Simple recipe.

April 17, 2019

Happy National Cheeseball Day!!

The type you choose to enjoy is your choice. The one you enjoy at a party and is served with crackers or the small fun cheese balls that you have eaten since being a kid, that turn your fingers orange.

I still love both kinds.

Today, I am going to share my simple go to cheeseball recipe that is used for snacks around my house and is the dish that I bring to parties.

Some are covered in nuts and are made with gourmet ingredients. This is not going to be that version.

My Dad expects this cheeseball every holiday(I love making one for him).

Simple Cheeseball

This cheeseball takes only two things to make.

A pack of Hidden Valley Ranch Mix

A package of cream cheese

Simple cheeseball

Soften the cream cheese by laying out for a few hours or use the microwave at 10-second intervals

When softened add ranch dressing mix

Mix well with a fork and form into a ball(Mine never looks perfect)

Just go with what you come up with it, will still be delicious.

Happy National Cheeseball Day!

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