The NC State Fair is coming-Time to start planning

July 12, 2018

I know we are in the middle of summer but, if you want to go to the NC State Fair, it is best to start planning now. This year it will be held Oct 11th- Oct 21st. Ella and I went last year and had a blast.

I have lived in NC all of my 50 years and never attended the fair until last yer.

Why did I wait so long?

These are just a few highlights of our trip. Hope to see you at the fair in October.

Get all the NC State Fair details here

Pumpkin milkshake with a slice of pumpkin pie and whipped cream on top, yea this just about killed me but was delicious. 

Get several straws and share the love on this monster.

I love these kind of working trips.

Lunch from the White Plains United Methodist Church Booth. Great food, great cause and great prices. Don't get fooled by all this food vendors lining the midway, you have better places to eat while at the fair.

Check it out!! They have been serving food on the fairgrounds for over 100 years. 

Beautiful pumpkins displayed all over the place.

We stayed last year at the Ramada Inn and it is within walking distance of the fair. 

You can also ride the Amtrak train out of cities like Charlotte or Kannapolis right to the doorstep of the fairgrounds.

Here are my tips for surviving the fair-

1. Relax and have fun

2. It's a lot to take in and you may need several days 

3. Eat from the church food restaurants that have been their for many, many years. 
You will get better service, delicious food and you will be helping a local organization.

4. Have a plan but, not a concrete plan-Be FLEXIBLE!

5. Take breaks and just sit on a bench and take it all in. 

6. Buy wristbands for rides in advance-they are cheaper this way. 

7. It can get very crowded so, if you have little ones tag them with info in case they get lost. Have a talk with your family about this in advance. This just makes me feel like I've got it together. LOL!

Dress comfortably! Mornings can be chilly but by afternoon it can get real hot. Be prepared!

Ella and I really enjoyed the NC State Fair and can't wait to go again this year.

What are you looking forward to most about the fair? The Rides, the food, the displays?

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