Succulents-How to buy them for cheap!

July 15, 2018

Do you know what the hottest decorating trend is right now? 

Yes, you guessed it, succulents. They are everywhere. Real ones, fake ones, hanging ones and lots 

more. I have a confession to make right now, I am addicted to touring model homes. 

Whew! I feel better. I go into model homes, as often as possible to see trends and styles and to get 

fresh ideas and also to dream a little.

Check out these decorating ideas from homedit

This post started when I was looking to purchase some cute little succulent plants 

to make my space more trendy as well.

Heads up people, they are not cheap at all. I couldn't pay those prices and still, sleep at night.

I went on the hunt for affordable succulents and was surprised to find that the Dollar Tree,

 yes, that Dollar Tree offers online ordering. Shockers!

 Am I the only one who didn't know this revelation?

On  the Dollar Tree website, they offer a lot more choices than in the store.

This is the 24 pack offered on the Dollar Tree website. I am not sure of the mixture that you may get. I will find out when mine arrives.

I found a 24 pack of succulents for $24, yea I know that's 24 littles fake pots of succulents but you 

can give as gifts, use as table decor, make a wreath, decorate your front porch, make a mini garden, 

the ways to use this 24 pack of succulents are endless. And trust me it is the cheapest way out.

My plan is to paint the little plastic pot white with a thin line of gold accent. Gold is another hot trend too.

See how Live Pretty on a Penny painted these plastic pots

I will let you know how my succulents look when they arrive.

 So yall get on over to the Dollar Tree site and check it out. They ship right to the store also. 

Have an awesome day!

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