52 Week Money Challenge

January 6, 2018

In case some of ya'll don't know me, I love goals and reaching them gives this feeling of Super Woman with the cape and all!

So, when I first read about this challenge I was so down with it. We are in our first week of January and Christmas just passed. 

We all felt the sting of Christmas bills on top of the regular bills. 
 Wouldn't it be nice to know that you have $1,378 coming to you at the end of the year? Take a few deliberate steps during the year to guarantee that cash.

Thanks to A Helicopter Mom for this cute printable to track your progress.

If you already saved  some money you can also start with a $52 dollar deposit into week #52 envelope and go backwards from there. It is the same concept and you are still saving.

If you have a savings account you can have the money transferred
directly there each week from another account.

Put the money envelopes in a safe location and if you forget to make your weekly deposit or have to take from them one week it is not the end of the world, just make sure to replace it ASAP and get back on track. 

So, what will you spent $1,378 on at the end of the year. A vacation, family, bills? Well if you save wisely it will be there for you.

Let's cheer each other on and if you are taking part in this challenge please drop me a message and let me know. Let's hear Cha Ching in 2018.

Happy Savings!

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