Mac Tabby Charlotte's First Cat Cafe

December 28, 2017

On a recent drive thru NoDa in Charlotte, BTW thats North Davidson Street for all you newbies. I almost wrecked my car. I saw a sign and the only words I caught were cat and yoga.
I don't know about you, but I am not a yoga fan unless we put some cats in the mix. I am a cat lover, always have been so, I knew this place was my destination.  

Mac Tabby Cat Cafe is located in the NoDa neighborhood and it feels so good in here. It's located in one of the older buildings and that is great for the community, but the vibes are the best. It is a fun, happy place with so much goodness.

Here is Lori,  lucky owner of Mac Tabby with Sawyer, who was recently adopted.

The cat lounge is furnished with comfortable seating and soft furry play areas for cats and humans. Reservations can be made online and are encouraged because only a certain number of people are allowed in the room at one time. Booking is easy at their website below.

All the cats that you come in contact with have been vetted 

and have all of their shots and each cat is available for adoption.

So far they have placed 5 cats in forever homes within 7 days. Thats some stats to be proud of.

I wanna live here too! This space is just the best.

Find a seat and snuggle a cat.

They serve local coffee with the most adorable sayings on the package. 

My favorite was relationship status-CATS. 

Glass viewing windows into the cat room. 
This is nice, but you will really need to go inside for some cuddle time.

They also offer paint classes, story time and yoga in the cat lounge.

Thanks Lori for letting us visit. Go snuggle a cat, it feels really good.

Wanna Visit?
Mac Tabby Cafe
516 E. 15th Street 
Charlotte, NC 28026
 Or to book time in the cat lounge visit the website Mac Tabby Cat Cafe under the visit us and book meow.

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