Old School Popsicle Crafting

June 4, 2015

Here is a simple DIY Popsicle stick craft. If you are like me you haven't played with these things in years, I had forgotten how fun and useful they are.

12 Popsicle Sticks

Layout 12 Popsicle sticks

Take 2 more sticks and glue to the back of the 12 to make a brace.

Glue string or whatever you want to use as a hanger.

After glue dries give it a coat of paint or two.

I decided on using the sun on my sign,  since it was easy to draw.

I used a Sharpie for my words but, you could use a thin paint brush also.

And now in just a few short minutes you have a cute little sign to hang and enjoy!

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