Bunch O Balloons- Is it all the commercial makes it out to be?

June 1, 2015

I recently pick these up in my local CVS Drugstore for $9.99 but, I feel they will be hitting markets 

everywhere as summer gets closer and closer. 

I had watched the commercial many times wondering if it was worth but,

decided it was time to find out for myself.

They have several different names of these water balloons but all are the same concept.

Bunch O Balloons

When the package was opened I found 3 Bunch O Balloons inside and each has 35 balloons attached

Use the adapter that comes in the package for your hose if needed, I skipped this step because my 

hose connected straight to the Bunch O Balloons.

Get a bucket to put them in as they start to fill they will just magically fall off the end.

Filling balloons

Turn hose on kind of low and slow and let it fill the balloons

Bucket of water balloons

One by one within a minute they start to fall of the end of connector

And at the end they will all be off and you can just throw this part away.

Insert Sad face here_______. Here's the bad news, These are one time use only!!But my mind is 

turning trying to figure out a way for replacement balloons.

Voila, you have approx 35 Balloons to play with and you still have the other to bunches to fill.

This is the magic O ring that locks in the water when they are full.

Now all that is left to do is have fun, throwing water balloons is fun at any age. 

I may never grow up if it means, I have to stop having fun!

We loved the product as it was cheaper than the ones on TV, 

it was simple to use but, the one time use is 

kind of a bummer. For 9.99 it would be fun for a hot day!

If you give them a try please, stop back by here and let me know what your family thinks.

Happy Summer!

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