Shasta gets a new old look. Bringing the Shasta Camper back for a limited time!

January 1, 2015

I'm sure everyone is aware that retro campers are all the rage right now. They are being turned in to 

the cutest little campers for families to enjoy all over again, just like the old days. 

 Drum Roll please- Shasta is rolling out 1,941 

Reproduction Shasta Airflyte campers.

 Recently, I laid my eyes on this gorgeous beauty, I thought from afar "Wow"someone did a great

                                        remodel job, but wait, its the new Shasta Airflyte.

The Shasta Company will only be remaking 1,941of these campers, to mark the 75th Anniversary of 

the company started in 1941. 

 They will come in Seafood Green, Buttercup Yellow and Matador Red.

LED Lighting reproduced to look like the original Shasta gas lamps, this time they are using the classy Edison Bulbs.

The interior has Birch cabinets with chevron cabinet pulls.

Black & White checkerboard flooring

Jalousie Windows-which are louvered glass panels often seen in storm doors or enclosed porches

As no detail has been left out they also included the reproduction birch Shasta magazine rack.

New modern mechanicals and plumbing are also some upgrades, since the older models came out.

Tin Can experts say, that it's about 90% reproduction of the older Shasta. 

                                         Sticker price is going to be between 15,000-17,000

     I have been camping since I was a little girl in the Shasta above. My parents would

                                          pack up us 3 kids  and themselves and off we would go.

                                         I spent many nights with my family just hanging out,

                      riding my bike and  sleeping in this Shasta, it is still in my family today.

So, I hold the Shasta close to my heart, and feel I don't have a childhood memory that doesn't include

                                                             these fabulous campers.

Happy Camping Ya'll!!


Some of the information used in this post was from Retro Renovation

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