2014 What a Year it has been!!

December 31, 2014

I finally got a new computer, can you say "Amen" I sure can, So you should start seeing more of me. Yea You! I needed to free up some space on my phone since I have had not place to put my pictures, they have just been sitting there waiting to be saved.

As I scrolled thru my pictures, all 2382 of them. I felt like I was living my year all over again. I saw some fun times, sad times and even though its not all perfect its my life and for that I am blessed.  I don't take myself very serious, and these pics reflect that.

I climbed a very tall mountain to see this beautiful waterfall. It was worth the climb and you could say it took my breath away, cause I was gasping for air towards to the top.

I spent a bunch of good times with my girlfriends Missy, Windy & Peggy. We spent every Friday night together cheering on our Mooresville Blue Devil Football team. 

I made some new crafts that I had been seeing around but really hadn't thought I could make, this is the 1st stuffed Owl I made. Not to Shabby.

I love quotes, I have hundreds of them but this year this one has stuck out to me in the most. What if I fly?? What if you fly?? As my Momma says, "Dream big it doesn't cost a penny extra."

Maybe my largest goal was to learn how to cook really good chicken wings for my son, Nailed It!! I think its the perfect mixture of BBQ Sauce and honey and cooked at the right temp. Low & slow.

And lastly, my life was filled with music proved by Daniel and the Pride in Motion Marching Band.  We always sit by the band and dance as if no one is watching, we don't care if they are.
Many other things happened but this is just the readers digest version of my 2014.

Happy 2015 Ya'll!!

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