Frog Tape Chevron Tape

September 4, 2013

So, as I was looking around on a blog land,  I saw the new Frog Shape Tape in Chevron. The chevron pattern makes my heart sing. I know, I know it is been used on everything from toilets to curtains but, I am still in love with chevron. My mission before work this morning was to find some. Rumors were is was hard to find but, I walked right into Lowe's and there it was. I think I heard angels sing.

Finding it was not the problem but, paying for it was painful. $13 and some change for a not very big roll, 25 yards to be exact. I wrestled in my mind for a split second and reason won. And I am now the proud owner of some very cool, hip and expensive tape.

Check out one of my favorite blogs and how she used the new Frog Tape Chevron Pattern.

If you love the Chevron pattern as much as I do, make sure to pick some of this cool tape up.

Happy Taping Ya'll!!

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