Chevron Stool using Frog Tape Chevron Shape

September 5, 2013

As you already know I found my lovely Frog Shape tape in Chevron. I could hardly wait to get started on a project. The following is a black stool I have had forever. I did this project in just a few minutes and the results are amazing.

I started with this stool, yea kinda plain Jane ain't it. I wiped it down to make sure it was clean.

Next, I laid down my strips of tape. I didn't do lots of measuring to get this look. I'm more of an eyeball kinda girl. I eyeballed these and they look fine. 

After you get your tape laid down, now its time to choose a color. This is the hardest part of the project, trust me. I gave the stool two layers, and it's not perfect and I like it like that.

Remove tape right after painting, DO NOT LET PAINT DRY BEFORE REMOVING.
Enjoy. Isn't she lovely.

I gave my stool a coat of Poly to protect it from all that we have going on in our house. I got my inspiration from this blog here,
Happy DIY'ing Ya'll!!


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