Holiday Bucket List

December 1, 2022

Happy December 1st!
December is a magical month of wishes, dreams and so many nostalgic feelings. I wanted to make a wish list of things I want to do, so I can enjoy this season to its fullest.

#1 Go see Christmas lights is top of the list for a good reason, everything just looks better in twinkly lights. 
Use the cheer map from Next door, and find all the cool lights in your area.

#2 Watch holiday movies like our favorites, A Christmas Story and Ebbie with Susan Lucci. 

#3 Make some yummy apple cider, I like this recipe.

#4 Make a donation to a charity, as Christmas is not just about getting, it is also about giving. 

#5 Set up a snack stand on your porch for all those delivery drivers. Include water, crackers, bagged chips. I promise you, they will really appreciate it. Include a small note to thank them for the job well done.

I think with great planning and purpose, it can be a great December!

Happy Holidays!


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