Eating at Mattie's

May 26, 2022

Mattie's, is a diner car in Charlotte, formally, located at the Music Factory, the diner closed in 2015 and was put into storage, It sat that way for more than 6 years. Matt King, owner of Mattie's spent all of his time looking for a new home for the diner. 

He wanted to be a fixture in a community in Charlotte, and not just a place for outsiders to come. Matt bought the diner car from a used car lot in NJ in 2005, it was named, The Bound Brook Diner back then. Matt loaded the diner up and had it brought south to Charlotte, where it now has a home forever.

Matt was driving around one day and he saw a Tire Depot building with a lease sign out front and you can say the rest is history, mixed with a bunch of headaches, sweat and tears
. The final product is nothing short of amazing. The diner car gives this old homey vibe, it just feels good. The large patio area offers a place to eat and catch a breeze thru the large bay doors.
 My favorite spot is in the diner car at the bar, so I can see all the action and mouth watering meals as they are prepared.

Carolina Burger

On our visit, on a very busy recent Sunday, Matt and another guy were busy making meal after meal.
 We watched them make egg omelets, burgers, tuna melts and much more. 
I skipped breakfast cause I wanted to try all the food.
It was delicious. So good to have Mattie's opened again.


Me & Matt

Stop by and grab a bite, I promise you will love it!

Mattie's Diner
3100 The Plaza
Charlotte, NC 28205 


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