52 Week Money Savings Checkup

February 5, 2020

Can you believe it is the first week in February and, we are well into our savings challenge? 

I issued the challenge of a 52 Week Savings Challenge on 1/6/20

I told you I would check back on you and see how it is going, and here we are.

Did you start in week 1?


Did you start at week 52 and working your way backward?

Either way, it is saving and that is our goal

If you started in week one you should have $21 in your savings envelope

and if you started at week fifty-two, back in January you should have $297 in your savings envelope. 

Cha Ching!!!

Savings Challenge Checkup

Now, I know the second one is a lot of money but, think about it like this. 

By the time Christmas gets here, you will only be depositing a few dollars each week and it will not be as dramatic because you took the hard steps in the beginning. 

Remember the money only gets touched for emergency and only you can define what an emergency is to you.

Ok, now back to saving and I will check up regularly and see how it's going. 

Happy Savings!

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