How to Set And Achieve Any Goal

January 15, 2020

Here we are, Mid-January and are you wishing you were taking steps to a new goal in your life. Those New Year's resolutions wore off right about the time as the champagne hangover. 

It is ok, life happens to all of us and we can start over any minute, day, week or month.

This is how I have seen the success of my goal setting over the years.

1. Write your goals down and have a clear plan on how to achieve each goal. 
Tape your goals up where you will see them every day and this will help you stay focused on the end prize of your goal. Make a goal board, if you have too. Cut out pictures of your goal and that will inspire you to work harder at achieving. I love goal boards, they really help me when I am trying to envision what my goal is.
But then again, I am a visual person. 
One of my goals is to save money and I am using the 52-week money challenge to help me. Are you saving money this way?
Check it out here if you would like to get involved.

2. Set goals for different areas of your life. 
If you can achieve a goal in one area of your life, why not make goals for relationships, money, and self. This way all areas have a chance of growing and becoming better. 

Goal Setting that actually works

3. Get a partner if needed 
If you already know you need accountability to reach your goals, then reach out to a friend and ask to become goal partners. You cheer each other on, and it will be fun also. You can even contact me, and we can become cheerleaders for each other.
4. Make goals measurable 
 Set review times to see how the goal is progressing and how much longer until you celebrate. Break down large goals into small manageable pieces. Stay on top of your goals and monitor them often.

5. Set goals that are realistic and attainable
Realistic is a big word here. What is your "REALISTIC" goal? Don't just make something up off your head, really put some thought into your goal.
How are you going to hit your goal target? I always say you have to have a map and a plan to get anywhere. What are you doing today to reach your goal?
It is ok if baby steps are all you can do each day! 

My Goals for 2020

My goals for 2020 are written down, mapped out, and I have made a goal board. My goals this year will push me out of my comfort areas, which I think is a good thing. 
My goals will make me a better person and hopefully, the people around me will become better humans too.
My goals are customized to me and my life and will bring me joy and happiness and make my life better.


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