A first timers guide to making a Charcuterie Board

January 1, 2020

Well, the Christmas rush is over and we welcome 2020. Each year millions of people make resolutions and some of those resolutions see completion and others fizzle by the wayside.

I don't make resolutions myself, but I try to live my best life every day, that God grants me another one. 

My 2020 is filling up with lots of adventures and my own set of goals. Cheers,  hoping that we all become better humans to each other and can just be KIND.

With the holidays being over I wanted to put together (drumroll please)My First Ever Charcuterie board or Cheese Board. My resolution for this year has a bunch of food goals built into it, and this post was the first on that long path of deliciousness.

Honestly, I can't say the word Charcuterie(it just doesn't come out right) so from here on I may just say cheese board, also it is easier to spell.

I know you have seen these elaborate boards on the covers of magazines with all kinds of cheese and meat and some things I can't identify, we are not going for that look this trip. (baby steps)
Make your board fit your family and what they like.
 If your kids eat goldfish then add goldfish, make it your own.

Charcuterie means a mixture of meats, cheese and often nuts. 
I like to think of the Charcuterie or Cheeseboard 
as a fancy snack tray.
 I am sure some high browed chefs may disagree but, I am ok with that. 

What Goes on your Board
Sliced Deli Meat
Any Deli Cold Cut 
Prosciutto(my fav)
Diced Beef Jerky
Fruit(I am using Star fruit-a tropical fruit from Southeast Asia)
Brie Cheese
Block Cheese
Cheese Ball
If you eat block cheese(yes) add block cheese

What to use as a board

So, you don't own a big fancy cutting board or marble tray, it is ok!
I own several cutting boards and a very nice marble board from Sur La Table but, my cheese board is going to nod to my home town of Mooresville and I will be using a gift from my school district. 
They gifted us these nice wood cutting boards with the Mooresville logo and I love it.

You can use a cookie sheet or a large baking pan or any cutting board you own, I promise it will be beautiful.

If you are using olives or anything with a juice to it, make sure to put them in little ramekins.

If you want to see a professional build a cheese board, go check out my friend Chrissie over at off the eaten path. I watched her video about 5 times before I jumped into my own board. Thanks Chrissie!

Drumroll and BAM!

A first timers guide to making a Charcuterie Board

Not bad if I say so myself
I think next time I would like to add some other things for color because the cheese and crackers are clashing. 

A first timers guide to making a Charcuterie Board

I used a mixture of Calabrese Salame, Prosciutto and Capocollo meat with a mixture of cheese, nuts, olives, gorgonzola crackers, and added the delicious Star Fruit-a tropical fruit that comes from a tree native to Sri Lanka. 

I found it at my local Harris Teeter and was so happy. If you have never tried Star Fruit it is like an apple and a pear at the same fantastic moment. I suggest you try for yourself, you will be surprised.

I found out about Star Fruit at work, as it is a fruit we serve often as a menu option.

Star Fruit is a delicious fruit

Look how beautiful they are when sliced and then I placed them in this adorable moon shape(I couldn't resist)

Mixed Fruit

Here we topped Mandarin oranges with the Star Fruit

All said and done I would build another cheese board or Charcuterie board for a get-together. It makes it easy for your guest to snack and sample several types of meats, cheeses, nuts or whatever you put on your board.

I would love to know how your Charcuterie board goes, so please leave a comment below.

Happy New Year Y'all!

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