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October 8, 2019

We are all very busy with life and kids and all that other blah, blah, blah. The last place I want to go to is to the grocery store. 

I also, am not one to stay on task very well(shocker). 
So, I may go into the store for milk and bread and come out with an extension cord and wine, it happens to us all. 

My life has been a roller coaster ride lately and I have started embracing anything that makes it easier and less stressful.

We were not meant to go to work, pay bills and I am adding grocery shopping to that list too. 

Run your life, don't let it run you!!
I am going to repeat that, just because I need to hear it again,
Run your life, don't let it run you!!

Wal Mart Grocery Online

Here are some benefits that I enjoy about grocery shopping online-
1. Convience- shopping online saves me time and to me that is the biggest benefit. 

2. Quality-All the products I have gotten have always been really fresh, even my veggies are nice. Some people are weird about having another person pick out their veggies, I am not that person.

3.Shopping List- I know this could fall under convience but, I like to keep my grocery list running all week as I run out of things and plan my menu, I can just add too it. Then hit the submit button when ready.

Wal Mart Online Grocery

4. With lots of pick up times and delivery options available I can schedule pick up when I am ready. 
Just pull up, alert them by app or phone and wait and within minutes my groceries are delivered to my car.

I like using Wal Mart because they are close to home and they do not charge a fee for the service.

Now, if you were in a rush or maybe just had a baby, sick or just don't want to leave home they offer have a delivery option.

I checked from my Wal Mart market to my house is $9.95 most days and  two next week it is $7.95. 
Not sure why the delivery cost is different, they only thing I can figure is maybe because it is so many days out.

So, give online shopping a try and I promise you it will be a game changer.

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