Master Bedroom Closet Inspiration

July 17, 2019

Back sometime last year our home was found to have a mold and moisture issue in the crawlspace and master closet. Just the word mold made me cringe, as it does anyone. 

This news set off a series of events that included me crying like a baby(i got it together), we had to move out of our house for a few days, everything in my master bedroom closet had to be thrown away, we found two of the showers were leaking and our AC drain pipes were not draining(GREAT)

I kept 2 white work shirts of Sonny's and that was all I could keep out of the closet. The crawlspace was encapsulated and wrapped(more on that big fun another time)and it is the most beautiful, clean and dry space you have ever seen. 

I laugh now that we spent that kind of money in the crawlspace and can't even entertain guest down there.

We got all new ductwork and drain lines were moved to prevent this water issue from happening in the future. 

Now our house smells clean and fresh and that musty odor is gone.  My closet was stripped down and put back together, well somewhat. All the shelves that were in the closet came out and went to the trash and this left me with an empty closet to do with as I wish.

Today, I am going to share some inspiration & tips that I am looking at for my new space. I don't have a massive closet but it is a nice walk-in closet. The door has been taken off because the space between the floor and the carpet were not enough to allow for airflow. I like it with the door off though. I plan on putting little lights in my closet so I think the glow into the bedroom will be nice.

Master  Bedroom Closet Inspiration

This is just a simple closet design from Home Depot good for a smaller closet or maybe the kid's bedroom

Master  Bedroom Closet Inspiration

This the Pax Wardrobe from Ikea and it gets a little more detailed. I love the drawers and the places for some baskets for all that other stuff that our closets hold.

Master  Bedroom Closet Inspiration

Add this beautiful chandelier for the perfect touch to make your closet all girly.

Master  Bedroom Closet Inspiration

And no closet is complete without a mirror to check out your look. I am leaning(get it) towards this mirror from Wayfair because it is kind of distressed looking.

Master  Bedroom Closet Inspiration

Look at those legs...on this gorgeous ottoman from West Elm. Years ago no one would have thought to put an ottoman in the closet, but today it is just second nature giving you a place to take off your shoes and it's a cutie too.(win win)

Master  Bedroom Closet Inspiration

 I love this adorable Lattice Round Hamper from Wayfair. You could have several hampers for dry cleaning clothes, donations, etc.

Master  Bedroom Closet Inspiration

Add some diffusers to your closet space to keep it smelling fresh and clean. 

That is my inspiration for my closet makeover. I am going to add a rug to the floor and some artwork and it will be done.

Have you recently given your closet a makeover?

Please share pictures in the comments.

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