Bullet Journaling- I just started my first few pages

July 12, 2017

Hello Ya'll!  I am sure that you may have heard of bullet journaling at one point or another. I had heard of bullet journaling or bujo for short but, I had never really looked into it, until now. I love me some planning, I can't help it. I wanna be a reckless rebel with no cares or worries but, planning is my thing. So, what is bullet journaling? I am going to take you right to the source on this one check out
bulletjournal.com. Did you know a man started the bullet journal? Nothing wrong with it I just thought it would have been a woman. Let me just say no offense to Ryder Carrol but, I kinda follow his plan and then I toss most of it out the window. Do whatever works for you as far as bullet journaling goes.

My planner is more appointments, dreams, to do list, and doodles of whatever is going on in my head. From day to day I have a few things swirling around and I like to just put them out there on paper to maybe look over again another day. I am visual so the doodles hold my attention and the coloring puts me at ease. Now I know if you google bullet journal you are going to get these intense layouts with all the rules you have to follow and supplies you need to purchase. But you really don't need all that or yes you want that in the future but, for now start small and you can get those things as time goes by.

This is the notebook I have started my bullet journal with. About 6 bucks from Target. I wanted to be able to rip pages out of mine so I went with spiral.  Get what feels good to you. I went cheap just in case the wind blows tomorrow and I stop my bullet journal. 

Notebook info in case anyone asks.

I know it is kinda messy but it will be ok. This maybe the only part of the original bullet journal techniques I have followed. You do this part however you want so that you can keep up with your book. 

I have my pages numbered and put them in the index as I go along. So, I did the weekly of July and then moved onto some other projects I wanted to get in my journal. This pages is for back to school things not to forget.

Here is my July weekly. I am not sure If i am going to stay with this format yet. I am still playing with what works. 

This was a personal goals page I made for my self to try and stay on task.

If you have know me more than 2 seconds you know how much i love quotes. So this page is just for a few of my favorites. If I fill this page up I can add another page anywhere I want to. This is the beauty of the journal.

This page is for some string art projects I have in the works. It takes some planning to pull one off and I wanna stay on track.

This page is for a personal goals sheet I am working on.

Hello August! I went with the monthly and left space for to do list on the sides and bottom. August is jammed with backed to school and back to work and a lot of things going on in between so I may need to expand this section a tad.

So, thats what I have so far. I am watching You Tube videos daily and practicing my doodles and hand writing to make my journal appealing to the eye. I just have a pen, a felt tip marker and some colored pencils. I promise you nothing fancy at all.

If this was helpful to you please leave comments or if you have questions I will try and answer the best I can. 

Happy Bullet Journaling!

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