Carowinds- Thanks for the ride Thunder Road!

July 13, 2015

So, a sad day is coming and once again, I have to see the old change to new and improved, 

and it never makes me happy.

Carowinds has been my stomping ground since I was a small child, and Thunder Road, one of the 

oldest wooden coasters in the park, is coming down. 

July 26th will be the last ride! The coaster was built in the 70's.

Wooden coasters, yes they are rough and a hard ride but, when I get off of Thunder Road I need a 

massage to get all the kinks out but, I still love the ride.

I have season passes and go to Carowinds, a lot these days. 

I will be riding one last time or two, with my daughter(the thrill seeker), a lot like her Momma,

 and hoping that she will share with her children the memories she has of Thunder Road. 

This was taken recently, right as the car came to a stop in the station after our ride. 

I was shaking to much to get some pics while the ride was in motion. 

I love how we got photo bombed, by other riders.

Read here for more info about Thunder Road or checkout Carowinds site to buy tickets.

We may head to Carowinds this week and just ride Thunder Road over and over and over!

How old were you the first time you rode Thunder Road?

I was about 9.

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