Canon EOS Rebel t5 DLSR Camera

June 24, 2015

I have been dreaming of the day when I could get a new camera, and that day came recently. 

For years now, I have taken pictures with my IPhone or IPad and that has been ok. 

 I felt I needed something better and this is what I got. "Insert Angels singing here please".

Canon EOS Rebel t5 DSLR

It came with two lens, a bag and a strap and some editing software. 

I jumped right into reading the manual, sorry I just read the manual first when I get something new. 

Some folks are not instruction readers, I am!

My daughter Ella and I headed out yesterday in the very hot, hot Southern sun to play with my new 

camera and all of it's features.

Please put a UV filter on your camera to protect it from the suns dangerous rays.

 I only discovered a few features because the heat was unbearable. 

Here are a few of the first pics taken with my new baby that I hope to have years of fun with.

Our fish bubbles

A chair at Hebrews Coffee shop

I love this picture and how it fades the background

Ella took this pic of me after I was out in the burning sun. 

Yea I know I look rough, but it's ok!

Downtown Mooresville

Ella & Taz(my girlfriend Peggy's dog)

Ella, she is going to be a heartbreaker


July issue of BH&G!

I feel like each time I use my camera will be a learning session for sure.

Have any tips or tricks for me and how to use my new camera??

 I would love to hear them.


  1. Congrats on the camera!!! Your pictures look really nice!

    1. Thanks Alicia, I know I will love it more when I learn it a little better. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Oh, I can't wait till I can get a big girl camera - your pics are so good. I presently am using a Nikon point and shoot and it does fairly well but I would love a DSLR.

    1. Cathy~ I feel like I have finally reached big girl status for sure. Hope you get a DSLR real soon.

  3. Have fun with your camera! You're doing great things with it already!


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