25 Cures for "I'm Bored" this Summer

June 11, 2015

In these part's where we are, our Children wrapped up the school year yesterday. 

Today they may be sleeping in but, I am sure by tomorrow you will hear, "I'm Bored". 

Along with our Summer Bucket List(coming up soon), we have made 25 Cures to fight boredom.  

Get out of the house or stay in the house, the main thing is Have Fun!!


25 Cures for "I'm Bored"

1. Go on a picnic

2.Go Camping(My fav)Even if it is in your front yard

3. Have a movie day at home. Lay out blankets on the floor and make Popcorn

4. Have a Yard Sale or donate some old toys to charity

5. Paint rocks

6. Go to a street fair to outdoor concert

7.Go to you local theater and see the Summer movie schedule

8.Take a day class and learn something new, even if you have to watch YouTube, learn a new craft or skill

9. Go bowling

10. Go fishing

11. Play in a creek

12. Take a hike

Ella and I last summer hiking South Mountain

From last summer hiking South Mountain State Park

13. Join your library summer reading program

14. Volunteer at a shelter or soup kitchen

15. Make a craft from Pinterest

Check out my Pinterest craft board here

16. Go Geocaching

17. Run thru yard sprinklers

18.Check out your local State parks

19. Catch fireflies(Summer must do)

20.Have a bonfire and roast marshmallows

21.Start a journal

22.Explore a Town near by that you have never been to

23. Layout a tarp, add water plus Dawn dish detergent and have a blast.
This was how I spent my summers growing up

24. Play in the rain

25. Create a summer memory jar.

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