Verbal Abuse-Words that repeat over and over in your head!

May 10, 2015

 I am going to open a door that most will not speak about.

Today, I am speaking about it, and that is Verbal abuse

I know this is not my normal sunshines and rainbow post but, I feel that I need to get a few things off 
my chest and what better place to do it then here.

Just because someone doesn't hit you with a fist or an object, doesn't mean that your are not a victim.

If people walk around carrying this secret that they are being abused, it will eat them alive.

 For me and all the others out there who have had this person in their lives, it is over, I will not be your target any more!!!

I know, I Know how it goes. The abuser attacks the victim and then sometime in certain cases the 

abuser then falls over himself or herself to apologize or show affection of flowers or gifts. 

Does this cycle sound like your life? 

As you know I am not a therapist or nothing like that. I am just a woman and a mother who has lived a life, sometime not a great life but, a life. 

This is so true. And you know I love quotes. 

This is another one of my favs that I repeat to myself everyday!


So are you a victim? If any of this sound familiar, then you are a victim. 

Do not allow your children to be victims also, step up for them and for yourself. 

Break the chain of violence and destruction that has raged on for way to long.

Please seek some help from your family doctor or therapist, join a support group.

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