Touring Asheville, NC by Electro Bike

May 25, 2015

Happy Memorial Day everyone!

I teamed up with Electro Bike Tours of Asheville, NC for this post.

Biking and I have never been a good mix, yes I love to ride my beach cruiser with the big comfy seat

                 all over flat land but, this ride was going to be long and hilly thru Asheville, NC.

I arrived in Asheville on a recent beautiful Saturday morning and met with Fiona, The Owner of

                     Electro Bike Tour and a mother and daughter pair from Iowa.

Electro Bikes are battery assisted bikes, you still have to pedal to move.

Electro Bike Tours of Asheville, NC

The Kettler Bike runs on a battery and each battery holds about 9 hours of charge

 If you wanna know the truth, I was worried if I could do it. After Fiona walked myself and the 

other's thru some simple instructions and safety talk, we were on our way.

Within the first little while we were pedaling thru a lush greenway that runs thru Asheville and I was 

         loving this ride, so far. As we left the Greenway we came into the Historic District of Montford.

Ya'll how I love me some Historic houses so, it was like the greatest thing ever to get to just bike 

           along this stunning historic neighborhood and enjoy each house at my own pace.

I wanted to take pictures while riding but, was warned that would not be the best idea while riding a

          bike that cost way more money than I make. 

                           But just picture a street with homes with bright colored front doors, 

fresh landscaping, stone accents, rocking chairs on the porches and little pathways to back yards that 

                I only dream about. Awww! 

                           Ok, back to biking because the hard part was coming up, a HILL.

The hill going up to the Grove Park Inn Historic Hotel that over looks Asheville was next on our 

                                        places to see, this was were I was worried, can I do it?

Asheville NC from the Veranda of the Grove Park Inn

This view from the back veranda of the Gove Park Inn was well worth pedaling with battery 

assistance up a somewhat large hill and I never broke a sweat! Ok, maybe just a little sweat!

When this pic was taken I was saying to myself, "You Go Girl" you made it up the Hill!

Grove Park Inn Asheville,NC

  Grove Park Inn
  Asheville, NC
After a water break and adoring the view, it was time to 

get back on the bikes and head out to our next destination.

Pedaling thru another Street full of mountain laurel and cottages

I pedaled along, I enjoyed the scenery and talked with the ladies on the tour with me. 

We rode into Downtown Asheville to Pack Square

Pack Square Park Asheville, NC

A slight mist started to fall but, it really felt good. 

As we rode into Downtown Asheville we stopped to overlook Pack Square Park. 

A spray ground is located here and on this day, lots of children and adults were

 taking full advantage of the fun times in the water.

Electro Bike Tours of Asheville, NC overlooking Pack Square Park

This was our gang of girls. The one lone bike is mine, as Fiona(Grey Shirt) talks to us about the 

history of several buildings and the area of Pack Square.

The next stop was just a few blocks over from Pack Square and it is

The Basilica of Saint Lawrence
A National Historic Site completed in 1909

Choir loft at Basilica in Asheville

The Choir Loft upstairs.

 I bet the sounds of these pipe organs playing on Sunday morning would make me cry.

A quiet, reverent place but, the design of this structure is just breathtaking in so many little details. 

Do stop here on your next trip to Asheville.

Ceiling in Foyer of Basilica

The largest freestanding elliptical dome in North America. 
No beams of wood or steel in the entire structure.

I had to laugh when I saw this Cry Room in honor of my girlfriends Mother In Law(Nana),  who is Catholic,  I had never heard of a cry room where you took children, until I attended her church.

I was raised Baptist, we were allowed to do just about anything during church service.

Our last stop of this wonderful tour of Asheville by Electro Bike was the

Asheville Botanical Gardens.
We parked our bikes and walked thru a small sampling of the gardens.

Asheville Botanical Gardens

This bridge lead the way to pathways and ran along a nice stream.

Stone slab seating areas made me want to just stay for a while.

Not sure of the name of these flowers but, they were so pretty. 

I had missed peak blooming season but everything was lush and green.

As we toured the gardens we saw a wedding party having 

portraits made and families splashing in the stream. 

It was a gorgeous day and tour of the entire City of Asheville.

Once again back to our bike for the final leg, back along the greenways to our starting spot.

I felt like a million dollars and didn't feel like I had just rode a bike thru the Asheville.

Fiona was an amazing tour guide and was very knowledgable of Asheville. 

You can find all the info you need on Electro Bike Tours by visiting their website.

So, as Summer approaches and you are looking for something fun to do, give Electro Bikes a  try. 

I promise you will not be disappointed.

Electro Bike Tours of Asheville

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