Simple Tuesday-Bacon Chicken Mac & Cheese

April 21, 2015

This simple Tuesday meal is one of my fav's, so easy and good.

If your on any kind of diet just keep scrolling because, this recipe is not for you.

 It is a modified version of the dish that Rock Bottom serves.

Bacon Chicken Mac & Cheese

I use Rotelli pasta, its just my kids prefer. After I cook the noodles, I drain them and remove from heat, I then add heavy cream to my liking, I add a mixture of American Cheese, White Cheddar Cheese and Asiago Cheese.

Really, you can make your Mac & Cheese however your family eats it, and go from there.

I fry about a 1/2 bacon and drain(Make extra Bacon on the weekend and save for this meal)

Grill Chicken breast and dice(I grill a bunch of Chicken at a time so that I always have some on hand)Monitor the dates closely.

Mix the Mac & Cheese, bacon crumpled, and the diced Chicken all together in a shallow dish. Cover with more cheese mixture and Italian Bread crumbs place in the oven on broil, WATCH CAREFULLY, remove when cheese is melting.

Bacon Chicken Mac & Cheese

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