Simple Tuesday: How to shade icing

March 10, 2015

 So our journey of Simple Tuesday continues. See the shades of the flowers on the cup cake below?

Pretty yes but, how is that done?

I was told by Anita Stack, Pastry manager and Queen cake decorater(this should be her title cause

she's  the bomb) of Tizzert's in Charlotte since 1995, just how to achieve this look.

Tizzerts Cupcakes

When you fill your pastry bag with buttercream icing, you put one color on one side of the bag and

a contrasting color on the other side.

 Anita warned against using bright colors for cakes because the color can really stain your mouth.

She also showed me how much she loves decorating tip #67 as she uses it all the time.

I also learned how to make a pastry bag out of parchment paper, which really saves having

to wash the bags.

Tiz Benson, Dana McCurdy, Anita Stack of Tizzerts

Thanks again to Tiz(Tizzerts) & Anita for teaching a very well informed buttercream class and

sharing all your tips.

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