Fashion from a Non Fashionista

March 27, 2015

Let me just start by saying I am not a fashion icon, most days I dress like a child in sweat pants and hair in a pony tail. I am trying to get better about dressing myself like an adult and I have been having lots of fun buying new clothes. I am not loyal to one store at all, I am really all over the place when it comes to shopping. If I see something I like and it feels right and fits good, I take it home.

Here are a few items, that I have gotten recently.

Black tank with sheer cover

This sheer coverup was picked up at no other than, Family Dollar store. 

I know it may not last for ever, but it was really cute and cheap.  I paired it with a black lace tank but 

it can really go with lots of colors.

Forever 21 Polka Dot Ruffle shirt

This blue polka dot shirt is from the discount rack at Forever 21 and I walked away paying $8

madden girl shoes

I am so in love with my latest purchase of these madden girl shoes.

 I got these for shag dance lessons that I just started taking. 

More about dance lessons coming soon.

Coral Owl necklace from Hobby Lobby  

Coral owl necklace I got at Hobby Lobby 

Pinkish tank with sheer cover

This sheer coverup with a pink flowing tank is becoming one of my 

favorite options for this sheer coverup.

Chevron Sundress

I love Chevron and this sundress just screamed "Hey Dana, Buy me" so I did.

 It fits wonderfully and feels so good one.

As you can see clothes are not a large part of my life, no I am not a nudist but just not into fashion, 

I think I am seeing a change in myself.

Hope you got some idea of my new fashion sense, it really feels good to dress myself.

I am leaving for the beach to celebrate Spring Break with my kids and I will be putting these new

clothes to use.

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