Spring Yard Sale planning

March 23, 2014

Well the weather has started to change for the better in these parts of NC. This makes me want to Spring clean and have a yard sale. For the past several weeks I have been going thru my house one room at a time and rounding up all toys, clothes that don't fit anymore and basically anything that is cluttering our house.

This yard sale is going to be a multiple family sale with myself and three others so we are tagging each families items in certain colors. We have a great location picked out at the home of one of the families and it sits at a very busy intersection. Hopefully, this will bring lots of traffic.

We are also getting the kid involved as the girls will be selling lemonade and cookies along with some rainbow loom bracelets. They should have fun and make some $$ also. 

Here's what I have learned so far on how to have a successful yard sale. Please share any tips that you may have in comments.

Start going thru each room of your house  weeks in advance and rid of anything that's just taking up space.

If you are having a sale with other families tag each family in a different color and then it is easy to sort and pay each at days end.

Make signs  and use bright ones and make sure print is large and easily readable as car pass them. I think just the words Yard Sale and an arrow are enough. In my town we can put signs out the night before, but that's it. Check your Towns ordinance to see what the rules are. Also make sure you don't have to have a yard sale permit. We do not.

Have fun and enjoy yourself although its a lot of work and at days end you will be worn out, but you will pocket some cash and clean your house at the same time. 

I will post an update after out sale and let you know how it went. 

Happy Spring Cleaning Ya'll!!


These are the piles in my house that are being added to each day and will soon be put in boxes labeled and ready to sale

Ella and Em set up and ready for customers.

A very early morning selfie with one of my bff's Windy.

Harking for customers on the curb.

Dan and I just taking more selfies as we wait for the next batch of customers.

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