DIY Sparkly Cone Trees

November 13, 2013

I made the sparky tree cones and they are adorable. I started with this as my inspiration, but my diy side once again said, No do not buy those over priced things, you can make them. And, make them I did. 

Here is the ones from Home Goods around $25 for the tall one and not much cheaper for the smaller ones,  and you really need 3 to have a nice full look.

Heres what I came up with for around $12 using a 50% Michaels coupon.

I used a sequin fabric which was very thin and gave me just the sparkle I was wanting. 

Here are the supplies you will need to make your own sparkly decor trees.

Fabric- I got 2 yards but only used maybe a yard
Paper mache cones from Michaels, mine vary in height but you can do what ever you like.
Mod Podge
A foam brush
Primer or paint the color of your fabric- I know mine says automobile primer, this is what I get when I send my 14 year old to the paint cabinet to grab for me. It works though, so hey on we move.

Give your cones a coat, this is to mask the brown from coming thru on my thin fabric. It really depends on what color or type of fabric you use, mine was thin and you could see thru it. I didn't want the brown to show, show I painted.

Now lay your fabric design side down and slowly roll the cone to get a pattern. 

Cover the cone with mod podge and slowly roll fabric back around the cone.

These were easy to make. I think my colors for Christmas this year will be silver and red, so these will work great. 

Stayed tuned for more Christmas crafts, soon I will showing you what I do with the giant Magnolia tree in my yard.

Keep on Sparkling!!


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