Memo Board Knockoff

October 25, 2013

Let me just say, "Hello" my name is Dana and I am addicted to Hobby Lobby, whew I feel better now.  I was in the Hobby Lobby the other day for so long I am sure they thought I was casing the place. I was not, but I was looking for inspiration. And here it is,  the price tag made it look very ugly though. So, before I sold a kidney to buy it, I did the rational thing. I made my version.


Here is my version and yes I know it is not round with the houndstooth frame but, I also know it cost $9 to make and that is what matters most to me.

Start with a basic memo board. 

Give the memo board a light coat of paint. Be sure to tape of the wood edge. TIP-If you are using a darker color and a light color use the light color as your base.

After the base coat dried I reached for my handy Frog Tape Chevron Shape, if you want to see my post about that see here.

I applied my tape onto the memo board, I didn't take a picture of this step because the paint color is yellow and the tape is yellow and it was hard to see, but I think you get it.

After your tape is down really good, it is time for the top coat. I used a grey color for mine, right now I am in some grey & yellow mood. Remove tape before the paint dries, if not it will rip your pattern off and destroy the project, just trust me I know. 

And now stand back and enjoy at your masterpiece that didn't break the bank.

Happy Friday Ya'll!!


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