Throwback Thursday

September 12, 2013

Eastland Mall was a mall in Charlotte, NC. I grew up just down the street from it and always walked with my friends to it. But today, I would not let my kids walk to this mall from where our old house was located. It seemed so big and it really is but, now it is shut down, this makes me sad. 

They put on the best Christmas decorations with singing bears and snow fall. The center of the mall had an ice skating rink and this is where I learned to ice skate. My Momma always said I couldn't walk on flat ground but, put me on skates and I was a natural. 

If you lived around the Charlotte area then I am sure you have visited this mall many times. Funny thing is, I hate malls today and I can't stand to go shopping. 

I am not a typical woman as in I don't shop unless I need something, then I get in and out.

Happy Throwback Thursday Ya'll!!


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