My local Aldi- My new grocery store.

August 31, 2013

So, a few weeks ago my daughter went to a friends for a play date. Well Peggy made dinner for them and she made theses lovely shrimp. Let me just say that Ella only eats certain things, and shrimp ain't one of them. But she tried them this time and loved them. You ever notice they will do things that other adults ask them to but will refuse you till the cows come home(shocker).

In my crazy mother mode I had to find these exact shrimp so that Ella will eat them at home. I was like WOW when Peggy said, I got them at Aldi. If you haven't been to Aldi, it is a grocery store here in our area and it offers some amazing deals on groceries. It's not fancy and doesn't have a built in coffee shop it is just groceries. The store we shopped in was bright and clean to the tee and the staff are amazing.

So off we go in search of the perfect shrimp, the shrimp that Ella loved. And I found them for $1.49 a box. Cha ching!!

Sorry the pic is blurry but, they are the Sea Queen Oven Crunchy Popcorn Shrimp

As I cruised the aisles I found fresh mushrooms and watermelon, for way cheaper than my regular grocery store. Yes, if your into name brands this is not the place for you. If your into saving money and like to try new foods, give Aldi a try.


#1 Make a grocery list and just stop by and see how many things you can get from Aldi before heading to your grocery store.

#2 Bring some bags to bag your groceries in. This is why everything is cheap they don't pay people to bag your groceries for you and they don't offer carry out or drive up service. 

#3Bring a quater. This is to rent a buggy. Another way cost is kept in line. 

Enjoy your trip and take your time to wander around and see what is in store for you at your local Aldi.

Happy Thrifty Shopping Ya'll!

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