Sunday's & Banjos

October 17, 2012

    Today this post is coming from Murrays Mill located in Catawba NC. It's the annual folk festival filled with old tractors and gospel bands and one of my favorites, The Cockman Family. As I sit here on a hay bale and fill the breeze on my face I thank God for days like this. The Cockman family's made up of all family members and they sing and play banjos, violins and a bass fiddle.

     So I am going to sit back and enjoy this lovely music and perfect day. They are playing on the porch of the old water mill with white wood and metal roof, it's gorgeous. This building sits by a lovely lake. The concert was great they featured the Butterpats and some of the children of band members. Currently on stage is the Golden Valley Crusaders for Golden Valley NC. A 6 man band with banjos, fiddles,guitars. If you get a chance check out or the Golden Valley Crusaders.

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